To achieve the functions shown above: (materials: quartz stone, rock slab, glass)
Quartz stone is basically no problem
Rock plate cutting basin hole tool is the key
Glass is also a tool problem


Machining center to achieve the following functions:

1: cutting (milling cutter cutting, various shapes, shaped, external contours, basin holes, etc. as long as they can be processed with a milling cutter can be cut out.)
2: grinding edge (outer contour grinding edge, wash basin grinding edge, all kinds of shaped edge can be processed)
3: carving (machining center supports the import NC function, can be used to plane carving)
4: slotting (draining sink, and other conventional slotting)
5: milling plane (washbasin countertop area processing, including milling countertops and other overall areas of milling flat)
6: after the garden bottom (with a special washbasin CAM grinding after the garden bottom rough machining finishing in one go)
7: can achieve multi-functional joint processing. (Cutting and grinding after the garden bottom and other functions set to complete once, without repeated drawing, positioning, design tool path.)


Countertop CNC center functions