1, In the installation of countertops, try to avoid the construction site of quartz stone for a wide range of cutting, opening, on the one hand, to eliminate cutting dust pollution construction site, on the other hand, to prevent cutting inaccuracy caused by error.


2, In the design of the cooktop opening bit, countertop opening position should be greater than or equal to 8 cm from the edge of the countertop, to prevent cracking of the countertop hole position, in the opening to take the mouth of the cooktop, first with a cutting machine or curved saw opening, and then gong machine or hand grinder grinding trim, to achieve a smooth effect, the four corners of the round lone radius is basically uniform, because the curved saw, cutting machine opening, the cut hole around the edge of the saw teeth marks its to have crack residue, it is easy to cause the opening of the hole Where cracking.


3, Quartz stone is generally to take the splicing installation, we choose the splicing position, because try to avoid the corner and the furnace mouth. Because quartz stone has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, if close to the fire or the corner, there may be cracking.


4, Quartz stone countertop installation, the countertop and sink connection will be played on the transparent glass glue. Be sure to check whether the glass glue packaging is marked with anti-mold function before playing glue, after playing glue must urge workers to clean up the excess glue in a timely manner.


5, Because of the quartz stone countertop hardness, density, so the processing technology requirements are high. Therefore, quartz stone countertop installation, you should contact a professional quartz stone installation master, and use professional tools for installation, do not blindly install yourself, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.


Quartz stone countertop installation precautions