1. Free choice of angle cutting

High-end CNC 5 axis bridge saw stone cutting machine, they can complete a straight line, arc, line and many different angles of cutting. According to the angle required by the operator for accurate cutting, its high-precision angle cutting technology can basically meet all the processing needs and most of the stone enterprises only need a bridge cutting machine can complete all the cutting and processing operations.


2. Free choice of position cutting

Old-style cnc bridge saw due to the cutting function is relatively single, can only complete the horizontal and vertical cutting, with greater limitations.
The new bridge saw can complete any position cutting, as long as the stone is placed in accordance with the requirements and the position to be cut against the bridge cutting machine, then when the machine starts to control the corresponding program to cut the corresponding position.


3. Free choice of graphics cutting


High-end CNC five-axis bridge cutting machine, from a single linear cutting upgrade to any graphic cutting. There is no need for advance layout and planning, just follow the corresponding operating procedures to complete the corresponding operation.

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