Machine Features



1.XYZAC five axis, A axis 0 to 90 degrees automatic rotation, C axis 0 to 360 degrees automatic rotation.
2.Vertical and horizontal cutting, multi-angle diagonal cutting.
3.Cutting straight line, curve lines, circle, oval, arc, grid point.
4.Slotting, edging, beveling, chamfering and cutting.
5. marble cutting Cut sink holes, drill faucet holes.
6.stone cutting machine with Control system can read NC code and CAD program.
7. marble cutting machine with Table tilts 85 degree to load slabs easily.



Applicable Industry & Material



Applicable industry: sintered stone application industry, fabricated building materials industry, home decoration materials industry, cutting marble, artificial stone, quartz stone and other materials.
Applicable material: sintered stone, ceramic plate, quartz stone, marble, etc.



Technical Parameters
Model GQ-3220C
X/Y/Z Axis working size 3200*2000*500mm
Diameter of blade 350mm
Working table size 3200x2000mm
Blade Motor power 15KW
Total power 29KW
Rotation speed of blade 3000/6000rpm (Optional, adjustable)
A axis rotation angle 0-90°
C axis rotation angle 0-360° 
Table Tilting angle 85°
Control system GANGER
Gross weight 4500KGS





5 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine GQ-3220C